C.V. BRAGADO, en Inglés

Agustín Ortega Bragado was born in 1973 in Madrid. Spain.

Shortly after he moves to Lleida (Catalonia), where he still lives and works. Together with co-sculptor Sergio Herrera he owns workshop “Art Space La Xamba”.

He takes his first steps in modern sculpting below the wings of maestro Félix Martín de la Floresta and at the Arte Ondara high school (Tárrega), where he follows classes of Antonio Boleda and Miguel Gascón, among others. He leaves this high school and decides to continue studying thru monographic courses at the municipal centre for fine arts in Lleida, taught by Professor Joaquín Ureña, and furthermore he follows ironworking and printing techniques at Encamp (Andorra) and graphical design and anatomy at the “Decorado” in Madrid.

Agustín Ortega Bragado works with any kind of material, but prefers clay for its flexibility and diversity. His style is timeless; he avoids fashion sensitive subjects, and doesn’t submit himself to art that loses itself in complex and endless theoretical backgrounds.

Most important latest activities:

· June 2005 / Project Nartura, natural surroundings. Collective charity sculpting activities, organized by “Arts de Ponent” aiming to increase environmental sensitivity. I realized a totem of important size, as part of the countryside character of a National Park.

· September 2006 / Iron statue, situated in the historical centre of Lleida, in remembrance of the child-victims of the local lyceum during the Spanish civil war.

· June 2007 / I realized a Totem in the second edition of project Nartura, as part of the worldwide “Day for Nature”. For the first time this day is sponsored by Mecanocamp and STHILL chainsaws.

· September 2006 / Wooden statue of over 2 meter height in remembrance of the victims of a large forest fire. Situated at the private park “Dehesa de los Solanillos” (Guadalajara).

· Together with co-worker Sergio Herrera, for our company “La Xamba”, I have realized dozens of requisites for municipal festivities. These images aim to promote, fortify and represent popular cultural heritage.


Interesting links:
www.laxamba.com For suggestions, comments, questions or job requests:

+34 629 720 991

Kind regard, Agustín Ortega Bragado

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